Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Crochet Coasters

I am hooked (sorry no pun intended) to these fabulous crocheted coasters.  I discovered the pattern here and haven't been able to stop.  These are just a few I've made but there are others all over the house, hiding under cups, plant pots, vases of flowers and another little stash of them on a shelf under one of my side tables just waiting to be called into action. 

The pattern is for the size of the pink ones in the photo which are perfect cup coaster size.  But by just adding more and more rounds it's very easy to expand to pretty much any size I'm guessing although I can only vouch for going as large as this sunshine yellow one which is roughly 20cm diameter.  

They are so quick to make as well which is probably why I find them so addictive, kind of therapeutic in a way in their straightforwardness and very satisfying to be able to produce something gorgeous so fast.  I have a larger crochet project on the go mentioned in my Snow Day post but I keep popping back to this pattern to get that quick project fix where in an evening I can make several little ones or a larger one, get all the ends sewn in and be using it...as quick as that.  I guess sometimes I need the odd hare project to help my on with my tortoise one.

It's a very straight forward pattern just basically rounds of double crochet (UK terms) making a lovely close, smooth finish just perfect for placing full cups of steaming tea on.

A very dear friend popped over a couple of weekends ago and gave me this stunning orchid.  I'm pretty nervous as I've not had much luck with orchids before but I'm trying to be very attentive to this one and so far so good.  It seems quite happy in it's spot on top of the piano so fingers crossed.

 These blue ones are actually a gift and created from a thicker yarn making them feel slightly more robust than the pink and yellow ones I crocheted in DK yarn but I still think they work OK.

I haven't tried making them in cotton yarn yet but I do have some odds and ends of Debbie Bliss cotton so that could be my next interruption from my ripple blanket when I need another quick fix.

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