Friday, 15 November 2013

Toowit Toowoo!

I'm taking a risk here, as it's my Mum's Birthday and this is the cake I've made for her...only thing is that I'm not seeing her until tomorrow evening....aaargh!  Don't look Mum!!

As you can see in this photo, the cake is all made from individual cup cakes.  I arranged them in the shape I wanted on the tray first and then iced each one individually before filling the gaps between the cakes with the icing.

I also put a little bit of icing on the bottom of each cake to help them to stay in place on my tray especially as they have to survive a car journey.  I don't want those little owls slipping and sliding about!

I hope you like it  Mum...Happy Birthday xx

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Pom Pom Flowers

You might remember last month I'd shared this picture of a bag of pom poms I'd made in deliciously, soft,dusty, pastel colours with the idea that I'd make them into flowers...and now I have done just that.

I was so impatient that I took the photos as soon as I'd put the flowers in the vase rather than waiting till morning when I'd have lovely natural daylight,  so unfortunately there are some rather horrid shadows and the focus is a bit blurry!  Hopefully you can see through these misgivings to the gorgeous soft, fluffy pom poms. 

The twigs are from the trees in our garden so there's some lovely recycling in this creation as well.

Following on from the robins I felt I just had to hit the snow effects's just too tempting!!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Candy Coloured Flower Clips

I remember as a child being told that red and pink simply don't go's just not the done thing.  Well I guess one of the benefits of being a grown up is that you can bend the rules a little...or in this case, completely throw out the rule book and create a new one where red and pink can live in perfect vibrant harmony.

Each one of these clips will be ever so slightly different as not only did I stray off piste with the colour rule book...I did the same with my template.  I made a rough flower shape template but then let my scissors run a little loose in their own way.

Which one is your favourite?  I just can't decide but I do love the teal one with the light blue inner and the red flower with the pink inner.....and the pink flower with the red inner for that matter too...yep still can't decide!

Little Robins

So we're in November now and although I'm not ready to be all Christmassy yet, I have been busy creating these little winter robins to perch on your tree...tweet tweet!

As always I design and draw my templates by hand and then use them to cut out my pieces of felt and fabric.

A lovely pile of paired up little red tummies and brown flappy wings.

These birdie shapes are ready to have their little black brad eyes, lovely, plumb, red tummies and flappy wings sewn into place.

Then at the end I have a very satisfying pile of cut offs ready to go into my scraps box ready for when I need tiny bits of fabric and felt.

I just couldn't resist the Winter Wonderland section on PicMonkey any longer...I can see snowy overlays coming on everything from now on!! Brrrrrrr

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