Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Babies, hearts and butterflies

 There has been a little pitter patter of tiny feet next door....well actually that's a lie as baby Elsa is only a couple of weeks old so a fair way off pittering and pattering but all the same very exciting.  I couldn't let this pass by without a little homemade something for her nursery.

 What was even more wonderful was the weather being so lovely that I was able to sit outside and sew this.

My tablecloth seems to be in almost all of my blog posts!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
It's been a while but I've been enjoying a few days away with the family, such special times.  We've spent today with some very dear friends of ours having an Easter Egg Hunt indoors due to the April showers and Miss M and I made these carrots for the Easter Bunny!!
The carrots are just a basic biscuit recipe which we added orange food colouring to.

The soil is broken up Oreo biscuits.  We put a chocolate brownie in the bottom of the cup to give it a bit more weight so it wouldn't fall over and the soil spill happened on the first attempt!!

Making the soil was our favourite part as we had to take out all the cream centres of the biscuits first....what can you do with all the cream centres??  Eat them of course...which is exactly what Miss M and I did!! This gave us lots of energy for bashing the biscuits in a plastic food bag with a rolling pin...very satisfying work!

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