Thursday, 22 November 2012

Winter 2012 Collection - Double Flower

My Double Flower Hairclips come in four pretty colours Pistachio  Cornflower Blue, Baby Pink and Raspberry and are mounted on strong hair pins.  The Double Flower measures about 5cm (2") across and are finished with delicate hand stitching and a small gorgeous button.  As with all my collection, each item is handmade and therefore each one is slightly different and unique.
I sell these for £3. 

Baby Pink

Cornflower Blue



Winter 2012 Collection - Rose Flower Corsages

My Rose Flower Corsages look stunning pinned onto a matching or contrasting outfit, denim jacket, coat, scarf or bag.  The petals can be tugged and pulled to create your desired shape.  As each corsage is made by hand, each one is slightly different and unique but they measure about 9cm (3.5") across.   I sell these for £5.




The back view to show the fastener

I have corsages in all the Winter 2012 Collection colours; Cornflower Blue, White, Raspberry, Pistachio, Charcoal and Baby Pink

Winter 2012 Collection - Fabric Bow Hair Clips

These fun Fabric Bow Hair Clips are mounted onto alligator clips (see below) and are perfect as a hair decoration or can be pulled into use to pin back a fringe or a wayward piece of unruly hair.  I sell these for £3.

Winter 2012 Collection - Rose Hair Bobbles

My Rose Hair Bobbles are back by popular demand but this time in my Winter 2012 colours.  They are perfect for putting the finishing pretty touch to a pony tail.  They are robust to survive being worn at school as Miss M can vouch for, she has been my tester.
I see these for £4

Baby Pink


Cornflower Blue

Back view showing the hair band

Winter 2012 Collection - My little sweetie

My little sweetie hair bobbles come in pairs and are perfect to tiny pigtails.  They are softly stuffed making them very comfortable to wear as I'm reliably informed by Miss E. 
I sell these for £3.

Baby Pink


Back view

My little  sweetie Miss E being my model...obviously bribed to stand still with some real sweeties!!

Miss E couldn't resist doing Incy Wincy Spider....why wouldn't you?!

The colours of the sweetie hair bobbles aren't the clearest so I've added this photos which captures the true colours; starting from the flower shape on the left and going clockwise we have cornflower, white, pistachio, raspberry, charcoal and baby pink.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Winter 2012 Collection - Let's hang out the bunting

OK I know November isn't exactly the time you think about hanging bunting outside but it's a dry day and the lighting is so much better for taking photos than inside and it certainly brightens up Miss M and Miss E's garden house / shop / cafe.

The bunting is part of my Winter 2012 Collection and combines lovely natural rustic hessian with soft felt and gentle patterned fabrics mounted on garden twine.  The flags can move along the twine so you can adjust the spacing to suit your needs.  The bunting is the perfect length for a single bed or a mantle piece.

 It comes in romantic rosey pinks as well.

Bunting and buttons

I've been adding the finishing touches to my bunting...some gorgeous buttons.  I have a lovely range of buttons; some I've bought new and specifically for a certain project, some I picked up just because they caught my eye even if I didn't really have a use for them in mind and others (generally my favourites) I've inherited from my Grandma's or Great Aunts' sewing boxes.  They tend to be the ones on little pieces of card.  I have a few sets on the original shop cards but most of them have been sewn on in little sets by my Grandma onto scraps of card.

My trusty Bonne Maman jam jars, one for each colour of buttons.
Miss M loves helping to sort the buttons out.

Keeping it natural and rustic, I've decided to mount the bunting flags on garden twine.

The flags can move along the twine so that the spacing can be adjusted but due to the hessian and twine combo they don't move about once you've chosen your position for them.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Adventures in Hessian

A metre of hessian, my steel rule and my rotary cutter and it's time for business

I decided to make little flags rather than triangles for these banners

Bluey green sets and rosey pink ones all cut out and ready to be hand sewn...happy days!

I love the contrast of textures

The blue and white fabric is remnants from my living room curtains...such fun!

The dotty fabric was picked up during a fabric hunt in the Cotwolds during the summer holidays.  Photos of the finished products to follow.

A lot of cut off and I looked like I'd been wearing hessian as the fibres go everywhere....pass the dustpan and brush!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Horrors

Trick and Treat us if you dare...I've been playing on picmonkey....such fun!

A creepy Miss M
I think if we put this on our door we'll scare most things away...Miss E looking very much the frightening vampire!

A very spooky Miss E....can you see the armbands?  This was altered from a lovely sunny photo of Miss E splashing in the see in France

Watch out!  She means it!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The birthday party season here has meant that designing and creating (unless you count designing and creating birthday cakes and party games see Willy Wonka TimeMore Wonka FunAnd the party goes onAnd still party goes on) has taken a back I'm itching to get going again and to make these very strange looking piles of felt into gorgeous accessories.

The machine sewing has been done on these so they are in the queue for some lovely hand sewing

This blue is a new colour called cornflower and I love it....I think I might have said this before...but it's true...I do

The flowers are very nearly finished and will become hair clips and the fabric bows will also become hair clips on alligator clips once they've been finished at the ends.

At least some of them look like the finished product....the big ones will be brooch corsages and the smaller ones will go on hair band bobbles.

A tray full of pieces waiting to be hand makes me very happy just looking at them and imagining what they will look like once I've whizzed my needle over them

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